Monday, September 03, 2012

Our new home

Jordan and I are settling quite nicely into our new place in Vancouver. Jordan is working full time at Grace Mansion (a second stage housing project for people coming out of treatment) and casual at Union Gospel Mission, both of which are across the street from our house! I have started my position nannying for a family that lives very close to our house. Here are some photos of our new place if you haven't seen them on facebook!

 I absolutely LOVE our antique gas stove!

 Our bedroom is absolutely tiny, but it's cozy!

 All of the doors are original to the house, including door knobs, leaded windows.. so beautiful!

 No bathtub, but I can deal with that!

 The living space

 Our very cute little fireplace! (excited to hang stocking on this for christmas!)

 Our view out onto our patio, reminds me of Europe!

 The backyard

 The front (back) door!

And the queen of the castle!

Our place is small but comfortable. We're settling in and getting comfortable with our new but familiar surroundings. I'm still looking for a daycare to complete my practicum hours for my ECE certificate, so prayers would be appreciated! The plum trees in our backyard is going to yield some tasty jam in the next couple weeks, I will be sure to post photos of that!

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