Monday, September 24, 2012

Visiting Home...

This weekend was amazing.
We had the privilege of visiting our home church in Abbotsford, Emmanuel Mennonite. To be honest I wasn't looking forward to it because I knew leaving was going to be hard. We got to see so many good friends, and people we truly missed. Sitting with our friend Amanda during the service was such a blessing, I got to hold Micah as he fell asleep on me for a good part of the service, and seeing Joel so happy and actually have him remember who I am was a lot of fun. I am already looking forward to our next visit to Emmanuel. I remember when we first moved to Abbotsford and I had a bad attitude about moving there. At that point in my life I was never prepared to call Abbotsford "home". But over the almost 2 years we lived there I have grown to love Abbotsford, especially the people and the community. Vancouver is also my home. This is where I have made lifelong friends, and where I met the love of my life. It is where sometimes, I feel closest with the Lord than I have anywhere else. I think about this and look at the art piece that Jordan's mom gave us last christmas which says "Home is wherever we are, as long as there's love there too" and this reminds me that I have lots of homes. Vancouver, Abbotsford, Nanaimo, Ucluelet... wherever we are is home, as long as there's love there too.

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