Friday, December 29, 2006

christmas cheer

ooo christmas! got lots of stuff, like moneys. that i used to buy my ipod :D i got lots of stuff and i got to see pretty much all my family that lives in Canada. i got new bedspread, and 2 days after i got cat peed on it. sweet eh.?...
so ive pretty much fallen in love with Copeland and Anberlin. soo amazing. Going to pick up caitlyn in half an hour, yay! i miss that girl bunches and bunches.

i hope everyone had a merry christmas!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

fav song right now <3

"Pin Your Wings" - Copeland

Hey Amanda
Where'd you find these crazy boys this time?
They say you're pretty but you don't think they're right.

Hey Amanda
While you're staring at your telephone tonight
do you feel like turning it off, turning off all of the lights?

Pin your wings down
if it's over now
Pin your wings down
just take a chance somehow

Hey Amanda
who just threw your heart away this time?
And when you're crying on your bed does he help keep you alive?

Pin your wings down
if it's all over now
Pin your wings down
just take a chance somehow

I'll take the blame if you take me home now
Cuz there's no place left for trust in all this pain
And you know when it rains in this town I get washed away
Without a sound
So pin my wings down

If it's over
If it's over now

Pin your wings down
if it's over now
Pin your wings down
just take a chance somehow

Monday, December 18, 2006

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

my loveys

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Caitlyn.. speak up darling, make those lips move says:
guess what I have
Carlye<3 DELAINE......THEMEATLOAF says:
Carlye<3 DELAINE......THEMEATLOAF says:
..that would suck
Caitlyn.. speak up darling, make those lips move says:
Carlye<3 DELAINE......THEMEATLOAF says:

Monday, December 11, 2006

Have A Holly Jolly Christmas

my house smells of pine needles and cinnamon..
we got our christmas tree today, and my mom made me put those tacky LED energy saver lights. DUMB DUMB DUMB. the little ones look better...whatever. So we got all the decorations out, and hung up the stockings and put the huge santa figurine by the fireplace. Decorating the christmas tree always ends up with my family in tears. we have numerous ornaments in memory of my aunt michelle, and my brother beau. Remembering that theyre not there on christmas is a downer, but i know where they are, so im content. Now the christmas stuff is really starting to pile up, i have so much stuff to do this week, and next week, its crazy... i just cant wait until its all settled and normal again. Everything is turned upside down...
yay stressful

anyone know of any jobs?
apparently i need one, according to my mother


Sunday, December 10, 2006


so i never thought it would come to this, but im pretty sure i actually hate my little brother thomas. Nothing nice has come out of his mouth for about a year and a half. I cant talk to him, because he'll just call me fat. He is so disrespectful and arrogant that i cant even look at him sometimes. He has no disregard for other peoples feelings and they way he treats some people makes me sick. He is so closed minded and ignorant. If something doesnt go his way, everyone pays for matter who you are. He doesnt know when to stop, and he keeps teasing and teasing until he goes over the line. I can't wait until the day someone kicks the crap out of him and he finally learns a lesson.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Gabe, Gabe, Gabe

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so yesterday was pretty sweet. i went to school and Caitlyn met me there around 1:30. then we took the school bus downtown and then the ferry to gabriola. then me, Caitlyn, and Delaine hiked up the HILL OF DEATH, seriously... this hill is sooo horrible. The finally make it to the grocery store and me and Caitlyn bought some pickoras or however you spell it. So we munched on those and headed up to the gathering place. No one told me that they added another section onto the gathering me and Caitlyn ended up waiting outside the wrong building for almost an hour and a half (and it was COLD). So we went down to the other building and hung out with Ben for a couple of hours, waiting for everyone else to arrive. Then the bands started arriving...Taiyo and his band were first, then James, Errol and Brendan came...then it started to be more fun, because there were people there other than me and Caitlyn. we hung out for a bit and then the show started with Taiyo's amazing band "The 1st Swedish Balloonists" sooo funny. The Perfect Trend and Johnny Good played next...and we had to leave before NttP played....which is gay..because they're the ones we went to see. So me, Caitlyn, and Delaine had to walk back down to the ferry and take it home at 10:25.
Caitlyn's dad gave me a ride home, and i pretty much collapsed when i got to my house..

thats pretty much all of it.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Punk Rock Gingerbread

*photo soon*
so i was late for comparative civ again. i walked into class and it was one of those awkward moments where everyone stops what theyre doing and looks at the person who just disrupted them, so i just laughed and sat down. We did some work on buddhism today, and watched a movie. Band = not fun. Lunch time... me, rachel, kailey, alex, and kate had a sweet time talking about "suprising" lynn at the movie with her new BF. Family studies me and rachel made a punk band out of gingerbread men...
pretty much the sweetest thing in the world.
went shopping and bought jeans in the shortest time ever..
i think it took like...10 minutes?
got a shirt for christmas parties.
NOW its homework time


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

well, i woke up today at 8am because i decided waking up before then is extremely over rated. so i rolled out of bed and made myself...kinda pretty. I mosied over to megans house where her sister decided she needed to re-do her pony tail about...7 or 8 times, dropped her off at school and arrived at family studies LATE. Went along with my classes, sat in sharkies during my spare with Austin, Steve, and Kayla. Sat with my lunchkr3w! <3 i miss them...definitely sitting there at lunch now. Had an argument with my comp civ teacher about how she thinks im a drug addict, but how i think she eats "special brownies" if you know what i mean...did some highlighting on my scientology project and found the funniest quote by L Ron Hubbard. THEN THEN THEN we played "how the Grinch stole Christmas" in band... it was SWEET (we sound amazing). After school Jessy and Molly came over and we got ready for the Christmas banquet at the neighborhood church at 6pm....we all got beautiful and caught the bus and hung out with Karen cause we got there almost an hour early. The banquet was AWESOME..i was really impressed at Scott's song about Shawn..LOL. i think shawn took his shirt off almost 4 times? but HE WOULDNT PICK ME FOR HIS MAGIC SHOW. (DUMB). The food was good, i think i ate like....6 creampuffs? the bus ride home was pretty interesting...daryl, morin, me and miCHelle. haha, sitting outside rutherford mall for about half an hour in the FREEZING cold i might add. Then the bus was i felt like i was in a sardine can.
moral of the story..its freaking cold and i hate winter
especially when the sidewalks arent plowed...and i wear FLATS
and when molly kicks snow at me..


Tuesday, December 05, 2006


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So today was sweet, school was sweet....i woke up around 8 oclock and i went to megans at 8:30...skipped band class (lol) and went to WAL MART to grab some things for the mock wedding at school that we THOUGHT was today but its on the 11th. HANYWAYS, i got to comp civ half an hour late...haha, and i researched the salvation army for the next hour in the computer lab..i had a lunchable pizza kit for lunch because i havent had one since grade 4...then i sat in the cafeteria for my spare with a grumpy austin while i decided to start my math homework. FAMILY STUDIES was a good time, as you can see by the picture! haha, i love rachel and megan so much..
2 of my favorite ladies they are.
The church banquet was sweet. i was put in charge, it was a tough job ill admit... alot of freakin stuff to do. The major had this intense way of setting the tables with the forks and spoons all fancy. I had a good time with all the girls serving, but there was this one girl Nicole...i thought she was absolutley adorable and funny, and katelyn and sam had a food fight at the end... hahahaah
i love my church, and my youth group <3>


Monday, December 04, 2006


why is it so hard for you two to get along? i don't understand... The way you treat eachother is horrible and embarrassing. The littlest things set you off, whether it be drums or who's first in the dinner line. How do you live with yourselves? You're both so thick headed you don't see the people you're truly hurting by doing this. If you both keep acting like this...and if it continues on..i dont know how much longer ill be living here...

this is crap.

i agree with John Mayer, blogs need pictures

Favorite Bands
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favorite bands of right now include...
The Almost
Ok Go
The Hush Sound
Rascal Flatts

Sunday, December 03, 2006

stupid stupid stupid

stupid boys


im in the wierdest mood ever.
like, romantic/flirty
haha, its kinda confusing meeee
i just want to talk to him i guess?
talk to him about cute things?
long distance phone calls = the dumb.
i need to find out the details about my long distance plan...

ugh, just...
stomach butterflies everywhere

Friday, December 01, 2006

Cabin Fever

not gonna lie...
today was the 3rd time ive left my house in almost a WEEK.
i hate snow, and i hate being cold.. one of my biggest pet peeves.
Me and my youth group did some Salvation Army kettles today
and of corse i got the OUTSIDE shift, for 2 and a half hours...
my feet were cold, then they hurt, then they ached, then i couldnt feel them anymore.
the only good thing about our station was the people and thrifty's provided us with
unlimited hot chocolate <3
ive gone to school 2 times this week, and mondays a pro-d day, so thats awesome..
gotta finish my travel project, and do my reading on scientology this weekend...
Probably going shopping with my mom tomorrow...cause i need boots...
and jeans...and some unmentionables *blush*
but ive been happy lately, so yay for me.
im just excited for christmas, and my car....
I GET MY CAR...<3 X 28472394789327489234
gotta start saving up for prince george trip in march <3 X 32948723984723747234

im freaking imma hit the hay