Tuesday, November 28, 2006


i HATE how sitcoms ALWAYS end... they always end with something you're gonna want to watch in a future episode but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO its over, never to see a new filmed episode again.... why cant everyone just die so you know nothing would happen with them even if the show continued on?! seriously, like on RFR when ray and lily FINALLY get together THEN THE SHOW ENDS, or friends when everyone is married and crap, chandler and monica have a baby.... THEN THE SHOW ENDS.... why cant everyone just...fall into a neverending pit at the end of a sitcom? it would make everyone happier....

orrrr maybe just me...

x-mas season closing in?

blog blog blog, i bet you missed me! (probably not though)
nothing special happening here, except snow, snow is LAME and cold, and makes me sick
i didn't go to school today cause i would have rather ripped off my face with a spoon
then walked to school. I think im getting married tomorrow too, yay family studies...
worst class in the WORLD. Christmas break soon, car soon, yayayayyayayaya
which means FAMILY YAY.. lots of youth events this month, gonna be busy

plus new job searching...


Tuesday, November 14, 2006


soo, my parents are in cuba which has officially put me in the role of "mom"
for two weeks. Im stressed, i have projects due, report cards soon, grad pictures
all this stuff is happening so fast and its totally taking a toll on me.
i havent felt close to God at ALL for a really long time, and its starting to scare me.
i really need prayer you guys...cause i dont think i can do it on my own.
stress strESS STRESS is DUMB.
i really want to go to the war college with caitlyn and nicole this weekend, but i
dont think ill be able to make it, i have no money...none at all.
and its making me upset. Ive started skipping school, and ive almost become addicted
to it, i dont feel like a strong person anymore... anything i say to my brothers goes right
over their heads...
i dont even know how to talk to them anymore, because it just frustrates me..

i need your prayer, guys
please give me patience and wisdom, God...