Monday, July 30, 2012

DTES: T-minus 4 days

In just 4 short days, my husband Jordan and I will be returning to the neighbourhood where we first met. The downtown east side of Vancouver.
I am greatly excited to rekindle relationships with friends down there, and also to make new friends and build new relationships. I have a job starting at the end of August nannying a young girl for a wonderful family, and I will be completing my daycare practicum from Columbia Bible College at the same time. Jordan is currently looking for work (he has an interview on thursday! prayers are appreciated!) We take possession of our new place on August 1st and officially move in on friday the 3rd. I will most definitely post photos when we have everything set up! One thing that I am very excited about is that we get to have our cat back, Sophie. She has been living with some of our wonderful friends since December while we lived on campus and we're looking forward to having her back with us. I am excited to be in the city again, married, next to the ocean once again, near my best friend and IN the neighborhood that my husband and I grew to love 3 years ago. While we will miss our church family, friends and school here in Abbotsford... we are looking forward to this new adventure!

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D+C Barkman said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you guys!!! Good luck with the move. We move into our new place this week too!!!