Wednesday, December 06, 2006

well, i woke up today at 8am because i decided waking up before then is extremely over rated. so i rolled out of bed and made myself...kinda pretty. I mosied over to megans house where her sister decided she needed to re-do her pony tail about...7 or 8 times, dropped her off at school and arrived at family studies LATE. Went along with my classes, sat in sharkies during my spare with Austin, Steve, and Kayla. Sat with my lunchkr3w! <3 i miss them...definitely sitting there at lunch now. Had an argument with my comp civ teacher about how she thinks im a drug addict, but how i think she eats "special brownies" if you know what i mean...did some highlighting on my scientology project and found the funniest quote by L Ron Hubbard. THEN THEN THEN we played "how the Grinch stole Christmas" in band... it was SWEET (we sound amazing). After school Jessy and Molly came over and we got ready for the Christmas banquet at the neighborhood church at 6pm....we all got beautiful and caught the bus and hung out with Karen cause we got there almost an hour early. The banquet was AWESOME..i was really impressed at Scott's song about Shawn..LOL. i think shawn took his shirt off almost 4 times? but HE WOULDNT PICK ME FOR HIS MAGIC SHOW. (DUMB). The food was good, i think i ate like....6 creampuffs? the bus ride home was pretty interesting...daryl, morin, me and miCHelle. haha, sitting outside rutherford mall for about half an hour in the FREEZING cold i might add. Then the bus was i felt like i was in a sardine can.
moral of the story..its freaking cold and i hate winter
especially when the sidewalks arent plowed...and i wear FLATS
and when molly kicks snow at me..


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