Tuesday, December 05, 2006


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So today was sweet, school was sweet....i woke up around 8 oclock and i went to megans at 8:30...skipped band class (lol) and went to WAL MART to grab some things for the mock wedding at school that we THOUGHT was today but its on the 11th. HANYWAYS, i got to comp civ half an hour late...haha, and i researched the salvation army for the next hour in the computer lab..i had a lunchable pizza kit for lunch because i havent had one since grade 4...then i sat in the cafeteria for my spare with a grumpy austin while i decided to start my math homework. FAMILY STUDIES was a good time, as you can see by the picture! haha, i love rachel and megan so much..
2 of my favorite ladies they are.
The church banquet was sweet. i was put in charge, it was a tough job ill admit... alot of freakin stuff to do. The major had this intense way of setting the tables with the forks and spoons all fancy. I had a good time with all the girls serving, but there was this one girl Nicole...i thought she was absolutley adorable and funny, and katelyn and sam had a food fight at the end... hahahaah
i love my church, and my youth group <3>


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