Friday, December 01, 2006

Cabin Fever

not gonna lie...
today was the 3rd time ive left my house in almost a WEEK.
i hate snow, and i hate being cold.. one of my biggest pet peeves.
Me and my youth group did some Salvation Army kettles today
and of corse i got the OUTSIDE shift, for 2 and a half hours...
my feet were cold, then they hurt, then they ached, then i couldnt feel them anymore.
the only good thing about our station was the people and thrifty's provided us with
unlimited hot chocolate <3
ive gone to school 2 times this week, and mondays a pro-d day, so thats awesome..
gotta finish my travel project, and do my reading on scientology this weekend...
Probably going shopping with my mom tomorrow...cause i need boots...
and jeans...and some unmentionables *blush*
but ive been happy lately, so yay for me.
im just excited for christmas, and my car....
I GET MY CAR...<3 X 28472394789327489234
gotta start saving up for prince george trip in march <3 X 32948723984723747234

im freaking imma hit the hay

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Caitlyn said...

im freaking imma hit the hay

posted by CarlyeM at 10:02 PM on Dec 01 2006

10:02 pm?
wussy, look at when all my blogs are posted.