Sunday, February 01, 2009

Journal Entry from Jan 7th

I found this journal entry from Jan 7th (it says 4am, harsh) and I really thought I should type it out so more people than just me could see it.

"Wow! what a change of pace! I finally realized why I can't sleep and I'm a total idiot! This year is going to be fantastic. It's a year of new beginnings, new life and REVIVAL. This year is about advancing in faith and in obidience to the Lord, it's about showing your authentic self to him and everyone around you (be real with yourself) If you're covering up yourself with a mask, how will people see Jesus in you or anyone else? How will they see the immense shining light pouring out of your heart and soul?
At pray the bible today God really convicted me about neglecting his word and how I need to really dive into him and the word fully and really expirience who he is.

Father I pray that you would bring new life and new motivation for the conquerors session. I pray that we would all be washed completely clean and able to start a new year off right. Father I pray for myself that you would give me clarity of mind, I pray that I would understand how I'm feeling and I wouldn't be afraid to let people know how I feel. Yahweh, you are holy and blameless, thank-you for everything you have given us, and everything you WILL give us. You are the one true God."

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