Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fling out the banner!

For the first time in a while, God has been filling my head with things to say and things to do... fancy that! I have this book called "Beautiful Poems on Jesus" it's a really old book and uses a lot of old language, but I'm totally in love with it, and most of the time find it hard to even put it down (which, if you know me.. would be suprised) Anyways, I came across this poem, and God really showed me that it was something that needed to be shared with my session, so I thought I should blog it aswell, because you know... blogging is good.

The Banner Of The Cross by Bishop Doane
Fling out the banner! Let it float.
Skyward ans seaward, high and wide;
The sun that lights its shining folds
The cross on which the Savior died.

Fling out the banner! Angels bend,
In anxious silence, o'er the sign;
And vainly seek to comprehend
The wonder of the love divine.

Fling out the banner! Heathen lands
Shall see from far the glorious sight,
And nations, crowding to be born,
Baptize their spirits in its light.

Fling out the banner! Sin-sick souls,
That sink and perish in the strife
Shall touch in faith its radiant hem,
And spring immortal into life.

Fling out the banner! Let it float.
Skyward and Seaward, high and wide
Our glory only in the cross;
Our only hope, the Crucified

Fling out the banner! Wide and high,
Seaward and Skyward, let it shine;
Nor skill, nor might, nor merit ours;
We conquer only in that sign.

It really reminded me that there is no way we can truly be conquerors unless we are paired up with the almighty, because there is absolutely no way that we could do all this in our own strength. We are under the banner of Christ, and we conquer only in that sign.

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