Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This is my worship....

So I've been spending some time in the war room lately, and it's really really awesome. I had a shift this morning from 5-8am, and I definitely was not in the right head space and I actually didn't really want to pray at all. I got into the war room and just wanted to sleep as soon as I could. I had this really weird feeling that I should go to the stairs (which took a lot of motivation seeing as I was laying on the other side of the room...) ANYWAYS. I got up and went and looked outside and Leslie was standing at the bottom of the stairs (Leslie is one of my good friends down here, and I hadn't seen her in a while and was a little worried...) It was crazy because she had told me that she had a dream about me but apparently didn't have time to tell me about it because she had to go get her methadone... All day these coincidences have been happening. God has been showing himself to me in the physical, and it's fantastic to see that.
I'm heading home to Nanaimo in about...4ish days.. Im going on Sunday to spend some time at home (we have a week long reading break), and I'm really excited to see Michelle and other people on the island. My cousins are planning to come see me because I didn't even get to see them at Christmas which was weird. Pray for me to keep up my disciplines at home, because it's really easy to fall away when you have no accountability. So if I could ask that from you (anyone who reads this and has my cell phone #/facebook) PLEASE. Ask me if im doing rations, ask me how my book is, ask me what God is saying to me. I have a habit of not listening when I'm at home because there's so much to distract me from everything that has grown in me since being here.

Be Blessed
xoxo Carlye

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