Sunday, January 04, 2009

Rest & Relaxation

My break is coming to an end here in Nanaimo, and I will be heading back to Vancouver on Tuesday morning!.... This has been an interesting two weeks. Being home for such a long time has been both good and bad. I started swearing more, which is so weird, and I don't like it at all... I guess I just started talking like everyone around me. I feel dissconnected from my sessionmates, and I can't wait to have that back. I had mixed emotions coming here, and I'm leaving with them aswell. Home is weird now. Not the same as it used to be. I don't have things here, I don't have a bed, I don't have a room, I don't have anything. Vancouver is my home. Vancouver is where my heart is, and I think that's why I feel so discontent here.
Of course the temptation of quitting war college has been there, that was inevitable. But of course, I'm not listening to those lies that life will be easier if I just stay here, If i just quit everything.

I need prayer for perseverance, motivation, and a hunger and thirst for the presence of God, and his word.

I seem to think this situation is pretty dior.

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Denise said...

thoughts of leaving were inevitable? interesting...