Thursday, December 11, 2008

Best Kettle Shift Ever

Nothing for the rest of the kettle season can beat my last kettle shift, and I really would like to see something that could, because I think it would be amazing.
The night started out relatively normal, I forgot my bells so standing there became boring really really fast. All of the sudden, I hear a band.. and I look down the street and a Salvation Army band is standing down the street with a kettle... my first reaction was (what the junk? they're stealing my thunder!) So, being the curious person I am, I pick up my kettle and head down to the band to see whats going on... Once I get there I realized its the CTV tv station and the Harbourlight mens choir is singing on the news. I saw all the guys and they all told me that they were worried about me standing there all alone. I dont mind it (but's its good to know someone actually cares). I hung out with them for a little bit because there was no way I was going to make any money at my kettle if there was a band 10 metres away from me... I eventually wandered back to my kettle and about 4 of the band members came out to my kettle and played for me for about 15 minutes! it was awesome! THEN Darrin and a couple other people came out to my kettle and talked to me for a while and Darrin bought me a coffee (hot coffee = awesome on a kettle shift) My night ended with about 20 guys singing christmas carols around my kettle. Completely hilarious and I loved every second of it.

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