Wednesday, July 18, 2007

promoted to glory.

I'd like to think that as I'm writing this here blog entry, that Colonel Iris is looking down on me smiling. Colonel Iris is chillin' with Jesus now, or how we say in the Salvation army "promoted to glory". Which i think is a really neat thing to think about, because when someone dies...its easy to focus on the bad things, and the downsides to situations. But just think... she's up there eating finger sandwiches with Jesus, and partying like it's 1999... and I'm sitting down here wondering why i forgot to call her last weekend for coffee. It's funny how much we take the time we have for granted. I would always procrastinate and say i would call her next weekend, and now...i can never have that with her, and i will always regret that.
This woman was phenomenal. One of the few older ladies who wasn't scared to talk to the teenagers on a Sunday morning after the church service. This woman had to most amazing sense of humor, which i will never forget. Her jokes about my ever changing hair, or jokes about the way i dress. She would always notice when i wasn't there for a Sunday and would ask me why. Her smile brought joy to the lives of those who had no joy. This woman had Jesus shining through her like a piece of cellophane, and I'm sure that many people's lives have changed because of her bubbly personality and way of life. The guilt that i have for not having that one coffee date will linger.. but the fact that i will see her again...really makes it all better

Promoted To Glory
Lt. Colonel Iris Lorraine Fraser
August 22nd 1934 - July 12th 2007

(you go girl)

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