Tuesday, July 24, 2007

lol@caitlyns house

so last night and tonight were pretty fun filled.
Last night, it seemed like Caitlyn had taken all of the pills in her medicine cabinet, because she was acting like a complete psycho. The night was filled with comments like "no you're the walrus, no you're the war college" and then Caitlyn sitting there with a chair on her saying "look guys! the chair is sitting on ME". Then this morning we woke up and i took a million shifts at work, so at 8am tomorrow ill be processing shoes in the winners warehouse (yay!) Today was officially marked a lazy day.My mom called me and now apparently my name is "Carlye Spence". Michelle came home from camp and we made a fancy dinner of alfredo noodles and salad a la Caitlyn and Carlye. The we proceeded to karen travers' house where we played wii for about 2 and half hours, (i pwn at wii baseball by the way). Michelle ended up hitting the t.v with the wii controller and im pretty sure that i ate wayy too many baby carrots.
so im sitting here, i work in about 8 hours. and im totally not looking forward to it
but whatever.

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