Thursday, July 26, 2007


Starting work at 8am sucks.
I really liked the warehouse though. not having to deal with customers getting mad at me constantly. PLUS i get to see all the stuff before it goes out on the floor, which is pretty sweet i must say. I think ill work in the back when i start full time because the ladies back there are really nice. After work Shawn-H picked me up from work and we headed over to his house to babysit his kids. The night started with a lengthy conversation with Katie(2yrs old) about boats, balloons popping, and airplanes. She turned her mcdonalds cheeseburger into paste, (she only ate the pickles and the cheese). Emma(4yrs old) had swimming lessons, so while she was gone...caitlyn, katie and i played endless games of "ring around the rosie" and "squishing up my baby bumblebee". The night went as usual, emma making up games, and katie talking constant nonsense...but i would have to say the best moment of the night was when molly walked straight into the screen door. dazed and confused, molly looks around and realizes what she has done...and attempts to put the door back on. wow. I was laughing so hard i cried. We hung out with Shawn and Krista for a bit, and then Shawn drove us home. I called Colin and we talked for a little while. (we're totally BFF, by the way) i love him long time.
I have to work in 9 1/2 hours, so i should be heading to bed now

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