Friday, September 15, 2006

Underoath = Love

ok so, i ppretty much went to the best concert i've ever been to last night.
It was the 3rd time ive seen underoath, but the first time ive seen them outside of warped
tour, and i've got to say i was VERY impressed. The way they played their instruments was totally mind numbingly perfect.
God was totally there though, i could feel it, he was there and he was making his presence known to everyone who would let him in....
ive never dances so hard at a concert before...ive never screamed so hard.
they played "Some Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape" and "Casting Such A Thin Shadow"
2 songs that i thought i would never expirience live, and im happy to say that i got to expirience that last night....
After the show, we walked back to their tour bus because we knoew they would come out to sign autographs. There were only about 30 kids there, so it was perfect.
I got to have a sweet conversation with every single member in the band...
but the most memorable conversation was chris.
we stood there for about 45 minutes talking about their album and church and God, then we prayed for about 10 minutes... and man, it was awesome
and i know now that Chris will remember us, because were those Canadians that prayed with him in vancouver...
best night of my life

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