Friday, September 01, 2006

hokay so, im flippin' starting grade 12 in 4 days.
i dont think i've ever been this nervous about school before...
i mean...this is the last year of highschool i'll ever have...i never even thought i was gonna be this old. Im glad im gonna have classes this year that im going to enjoy.
i havent had any particular horrible things happening in my life lately..which im quite content with.
just working, churching, boyfriending.
contemplating if i should move out in a year or not...
im still not sure.
God is still a huge part of my life, and im sure always will be..
im glad to say im returning back from my recent fall out with God, which feels really
refreshing and new.
Wild Truth is starting up soon, and ill have to train some new leaders, but im glad we have teens interested in sharing their faith with young kids.
(fancy t-shirts soon, yeah!)
Full Circle is also starting up again on the last sunday of im excited to have that back again.

now the not so good stuff i guess?
I'm 17 and i dont have my L. i've failed it acctually going in again tomorrow, but i dont know if ill pass this time either. My parents have been pressuring me for about 6 months now, hardcore about how if i dont have my L, im gonna die poor and lonely or something.
but whatever
ill get it when i want it
its my descision if i want to take the bus and walk everywhere. lawl
OH, and i saw "Accepted" tonight... (back to good things)
it was SO good. and im definitley buying it when it comes out
"im really glad we came here, i've always wanted hepatitis"
Jenschaper, and Caitlynspence complete starbucks for me

and pray for me please...
im applying for new jobs..
i just hate mcdonalds.

love, Carlye

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