Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Our Monday Adventure

Jordan and I try to do something fun in the city every Monday, since that is the day in the weekend when Jordan is the most awake. This week we decided to go to the aquarium! Even though we've been tons before, it's still always fun to go see all the different creatures.

The night before we had the opportunity to see Great Big Sea at the Orpheum theatre with our brothers Steve and Ike and my Dad, and in a completely random happenstance... our good friends Dan and Amanda (read their amazing blog here) were sitting right next to us! We bought our tickets at the same time, in separate towns and without knowing, bought the seats that were right beside each other, I would call that divine providence, serendipity or whatever you would say. Anyways, it was an amazing concert, definitely in the top 3 I've seen... though they didn't play a few songs that I was looking forward to... (but I think that I can forgive them)

Great Big Sea!

Waiting to see the dolphins at the Vancouver Aquarium

 My favorite shot of the day from the Aquarium...


AmanDan said...

We had a great time at the concert with you guys! It was the most amazing experience to be able to sit next to you guys and share in the love of GBS...okay, just Doyle. Swooon!

Carlye Shaw said...

Swoon is right... that man has some beautiful hair.