Monday, May 13, 2013

Roadtrip 2013!

Recently Jordan and I had the opportunity to go on a road trip with his family through the United States. The plan was 6 states in 10 days. Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Arizona and California, and we made it! the 6 of us were in an Astro van, which was very very comfortable for our long travelling days. Here are some highlights from our trip! If you want to hear more stories, I would love to have you over and make you a coffee!

Bryce Canyon, Utah - This place was absolutely beautiful! 

  Enjoying the Utah sunshine

 Jordan and Ike not paying attention to the guard rails

 Family portait (missing a few lovelies) at the Grand Canyon in Arizona

 Grand Canyon, AZ

Delgadillo's Drive In, Seligmann AZ. One of the most interesting places! 

Our greeter, welcoming us to Oatman, Arizona! (this is called a Burro) 

 Stuck his head right into the van and accepted our present!

Hannah and I make friends with the Burro's who walk around the town 

Our slight detour to see the Hollywood sign led us on a drive through Beverly Hills, Bel-Air and Malibu! 

A beach full of Elephant Seals on the way to San Francisco up the #1 highway 

Exploring Fisherman's Wharf in Downtown San Francisco 

San Francisco's Chinatown 

 Finally found a beach worth stopping and exploring in Oregon on the way home.

Happy to be back at the Pacific Ocean (even though it was a little cold!)