Friday, May 11, 2012

Seasons Of Change

As I enter my final semester of my ECE certificate, Jordan and I find ourselves in a very interesting situation. He has been accepted into a masters program at Conrad Greble University in Waterloo, Ontario and has also been accepted to Regent College which is a part of the UBC Campus in Vancouver. Right now I am in classes from 9am-5pm from Monday to Friday, so I don't have much time to think about these decisions that we have to make. Up until today, Jordan was not employed (he is as of today, Hallelujah!) so he had some more time to think about these things. Our hearts are truly connected with the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, and our families are here in BC, so it is hard to think about moving all the way across the country to pursue his education when we can stay in a place we love and do the same thing (at a high cost to our bank account of course). This semester has come to a rough start, our classes are all situated in a classroom with no windows and is definitely less than desirable. I am already feeling the pressure of due dates and yet I have absolutely no motivation to do my homework. Our very good friends are moving away to the Philippines in a month (or less than a month) and I save myself amounts of tears by staying in my lovely little state of denial. In a few weeks, it will all come crashing down on me, but I am so thankful for their amazing friendship, mentorship and letting me spend time with their amazing  children. I love the community we are immersed in in Abbotsford right now. We have a great "college and career" group with our church (if that's what you want to call us) and I am loving spending so much time with all the girls in my program. Our house has been filled with people and food for a week now and I feel like I am glowing. With decisions, assignments, goodbyes and other things looming closer and closer I am confident that God will provide for us. He will provide.


D+C Barkman said...

my dear.... I hope it didn't come "crashing down" too hard tonight. I love you and am so thankful that we've had this year with the group. such a great community. we'll keep praying for you guys and all these big decisions and changes.
lots of love,

CarlyeS said...

Maybe I was being a tad dramatic with the crashing reference, haha. I am thankful for your family as well. You are an amazing mother and are an amazing influence on my life. Darnell as well is an inspiration to the both of us. We love you all lots and have your picture on our fridge. We are looking forward to skype conversations with you guys and seeing all that you are going to do. The Philippines are lucky to have you <3