Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Local, Organic, Amazing

As spring approaches, I find myself more and more excited for our local farmer's market in Abbotsford. Jordan and I would go every couple of weeks and find amazing deals on produce, honey, and dairy products. The atmosphere of a bunch of people supporting local, organic healthy food is energizing. I am itching to get my little herb garden under way, and my goal this summer is to have a successful green zebra tomato plant (so cool!)

The summer farmers market in abbotsford bring about that feeling in me that makes me want to move somewhere, buy a farm and a couple goats and wear overalls all the time.
I'm all about stimulating local economy, eating well, eating healthy and eating food that is sustainable, and the Abbotsford farmer's market embodies all of those things!

Find the Abbotsford farmer's market here!:

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