Tuesday, April 05, 2011

These days...

I can't believe the semester is almost over! It went by SO FAST. I'm in the process of transferring to the ECE program at school (all I have left to do is a tuberculosis skin test... gross) I'm excited to work with children and to learn how to work with them better. I think it will be a good switch for me. I've found I'm not into psychology as much as I thought I was. Even though people say the first psych courses are the hardest, I'm still not as passionate about it as I thought I was. I'm hoping I find passion in the ECE program, because I love kids and it would be amazing to have that be my career.
On a different note, I bleached part of my hair the other night... first time I've dyed my hair in about 5 years... It was fun! (just a little section behind my ear)

But I don't think anyone reads this anyways... so who cares?


Kaitlyn said...

LOL... ME! ME! I CARE!!!!!!!!

I also think ECE is going to be awesome! How far into the program until you get to start actually working with kids??

CarlyeM said...

no clue, I need to look into the program more... The program director is never in her office whenever I go by :(

Coastkids said...

Oh, and I CARE :)