Tuesday, February 13, 2007

long time, no blog

haven't updated this waste of webspace in a while...so i guess ill give it a shot. I've been busy, its the start of second semester and i have 2 provinvial exam courses under my belt. Some people would say that's easy...but for someone who hates doing homework, its a little more difficult. No boyfriend, no job, no money....no stress. I've been relativley stress/drama free lately. I've started going to bed earlier and that's really helping with my school day,giving me more energy and stuff. Im planning on moving to victoria in october, when i get my license! so excited, because ill get to move in with my aunt, she's like...the sweetest person ever. Life has been going really smoothly, and i thank God for that. Almost time for RAW! (ready and willing)... I'm going to spend about 4 days in downtown eastside vancouver, hanging out with all the people who live down there. It's definitley going to be an expirience i will always remember. anyways, i think house is on soon, so i have to go watch it (its a family thing)


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