Tuesday, February 20, 2007

i love caitlyn so much

CrashFace-Carlyepie Morris.

What we have here, this is true bestfriendship.
This is years of loving and laughing and crushes and hairdye.
This is moments when our guts ache and our cheeks hurt.
This is days when we can't stand eachother long enough for a phone call that exceeds 8 minutes
and the days when our phones die from hours of pointless conversation.
This is me moving 3 times in our friendship and my house always being an anchor to you and yours to me.
This is "Remember when!?" and "I can't wait until..."
This is HUNDREDS of concerts and shows, movies and Full Circles.
This is 10 peircings each and 500 hairstyles.
This is favorite bands, making fun of bad music and dancing so hard we can't stand up.
This is dreams that both have come true and may one day.
This is "My best friend and I..." and "this one time, me and Carlye..."
This is 8000 pictures of each other and 1600 of us together.
This is a trip to the Okangon, Vancouver, Victoria, and Church together.
This must be four years by now.

I love you so much.

Caitlyn Cater-tots Spence

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