Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Years Resolutions

I've never been a person that is good at following through with things. You should see the half finished projects that I have! It's impressive.

I've made resolutions in the past, but I'm not really motivated enough to keep them. This year, my resolution was to read a book a month, which I was doing very good at until my kobo broke a couple months ago (which isn't an excuse I know.)

Side note: I stopped writing this earlier in the day, and just started again (at 11pm) FURTHER EVIDENCE.

I guess what I should do is get to the point! New years resolutions for 2014. Yes. I'm setting some. Will I fulfill them? probably not.

1. Write a blog post once a week
2. Do more creative things like writing, crafting etc.
3. Read a book a month. You can do it!

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