Saturday, March 19, 2011


I've been slowly adjusting to life here in Abbotsford, but I think it's coming to a point where I'm actually feeling like this is the place to be. When I'm not here, I find myself missing our apartment, our cat, our friends, our tiny japanese grocery store down the street... Our friend Darcy sang a song last night at his house show, it is currently untitled but he sang a line that really stuck with me. He sang "Home isn't home until you go away..." and I understood that. Home isn't home until you're somewhere else and you have that longing to be where you are comfortable and safe. The Island will always be my home, and I find myself missing it terribly the last couple weeks coming on to summer. I will miss the river, I'll miss hikes and beaches in walking distance. I will miss the bathtub races in Nanaimo and protection island... But I am intentionally in Abbotsford to build community with my friends and within CBC. Abbotsford is my home these days, and I'm okay with that...

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