Wednesday, September 09, 2009


So I'm extremely bad at this blogging thing, mostly because I feel like I have nothing constructive to say in these little spaces, because everyone knows what I'm doing already because of facebook, twitter, or just actually talking to me personally. But I know there are a few people that actually check blogs stilll... so Caitlyn, this is for you. I've been in Nanaimo for a while now, and to tell you the truth it's weird, being back with my friends here, doing what we used to do all the time.... Josh and Courtney are here this week which is really exciting that I get to see them. I really do miss Vancouver and everything and everyone there, I know I'll be back there in the future. At the same time I'm super excited for Saskatoon, to see everyone there when I get there, The Rands, Josh, Sarah, Rin, Steph... I'm stoked to see everyone and to start my life in a new province.. We'll see if I can survive the winter though! haha. It's going to be hard leaving BC, but I know it's not permanent and I know that I will be back. So I'm not going to let it be as hard as it has to be... I'm going to be positive and I'm going to make it enjoyable!

well, im boring myself

OH YEAH! I'm flying to Saskatoon now, not driving.

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Victory of the People said...

not just caitlyn appreciates this. :)