Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mission: Saskatoon

So I seem to be terrible at this blogging thing. I haven't even been journalling lately either..UGH! Crazy. A LOT of things have changed in the past couple weeks in a really dramatic way... first things first... I'm moving to Saskatoon! surprise! (I guess if you read my blog you would already know from some other way anyways...). Here's the story of WHY (since everyone wants to know!). I was told that I was going to be helping out at the music camp at Beaver Creek in Saskatoon, and of course I was extremely nervous. I was going to a camp where I knew absolutely no one and I didn't like that. Almost immediately I clicked with Shelly Rands, who I was counselling the oldest girls with for the week. She was very very nice as soon as I met her, and we became friends that instant. Within 2 days I felt like I had been there for years. Everyone who was there was amazing, including the kids, who put up with me when I didn't know where anything was! I have never met a group of people who have impacted my life so much in a week.... Shelly was talking about different opportunities to do ministry in Saskatoon and I got really excited! After thinking and praying and thinking and praying and after making some hard decisions... I decided that moving to Saskatoon was the right thing to do. So, I started making plans... and here is my plan if I haven't told you yet

*Take the bus back to BC on August 8th
*Graduate War College on August 22nd, and stay in Vancouver for a week or so.
*Go home to Nanaimo for 2 or 3 weeks, and hang out with my family (also have a job at the coffee shop for 3 weeks!)
*And at the end of September, we're loading up my Dad's Van and heading out to Saskatoon!

I'm so excited and I can't wait to get out here and to start my life in a new place. and I'm SO EXCITED that I'm going on a roadtrip with my dad! how awesome is that!!?!

I love you all SO much and I'm going to miss you!

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