Thursday, November 20, 2008

Have You Heard The Bells Yet?

This Saturday was the official "kick off" for kettles in downtown Vancouver. A bunch of us got all "hockey-ed" up and set up our kettles at the gates outside of GM place, because a Canucks game was happening that night (WE WON). I remember just when we started, there was a homeless man standing there waiting to panhandle when the game was out. It was really funny because Hannah and I knew that he was trying to tell us to leave in the nicest way possible. There were a lot of people who didn't seem into the Christmas spirit at all, or people who were yelling at us because the band was playing Christmas carols. But I kept ringing those bells. There were 2 amazing parts of the night that are still sticking with me today. The first was a little boy, and in his hand he had his first allowance he had ever recieved. His father told him what happens to the money that goes into the kettles, and the little 7 year old boy decided to throw his 5 dollar bill into the kettle. Also, the homeless man who was trying to get us to leave in the first place came up to the kettle and said "Here's everything I collected tonight, and I realized it belongs to you guys..." it was SO BEAUTIFUL!


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