Wednesday, August 20, 2008

September the 6th

The end of the summer keeps getting closer and closer, and in some ways..I just want the fall to start. and in some ways...I want this summer to last forever. As it stands now, I make the move to Vancouver in 16 days. SIXTEEN. It's just getting closer and closer and I dont even know what to make of it. I'm scared, I'm nervous..and I dont know what else to do to prepare. I don't feel ready to take all of it in, i feel like im going to crash and burn. I need to fully rely on God, but it's really hard and I'm not letting myself. Im just so full of mixed emotions as to what this year is going to be, and I know it's different for everyone and I know theres no way I can predict whats going to happen, but I'm scared of letting go of all control and letting God lead the way, and I know that sounds stupid and selfish, but that's just what I feel right now...

Please pray for me.

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