Thursday, April 17, 2008


So, big life changes coming my way.
I've been hired at camp, and I'm going to be attending the War College in September of this year. So I'll finally be moved out and on my own, sort of...i guess. I never really pictured myself living in Vancouver, I've never really been a big fan of the big city either. But I know I'm not permanently there, and I'm doing what God is calling me to do.
I'm afraid of leaving. I'm afraid of leaving the corps, the youth group, wild truth all behind. I don't want to leave my friends and family behind, but everyone needs to grow up and leave the nest, right? I'm sure it will be fine, I'm just being dramatic about it. I'm really excited to go and live there and be with my friends and stuff, but I'm scared to leave at the same time, like...I've been in Nanaimo for a good portion of my life, and it's going to be weird to be down in Vancouver for more than a weekend.

i don't know, maybe I'm over thinking things.

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