Tuesday, November 14, 2006


soo, my parents are in cuba which has officially put me in the role of "mom"
for two weeks. Im stressed, i have projects due, report cards soon, grad pictures
all this stuff is happening so fast and its totally taking a toll on me.
i havent felt close to God at ALL for a really long time, and its starting to scare me.
i really need prayer you guys...cause i dont think i can do it on my own.
stress strESS STRESS is DUMB.
i really want to go to the war college with caitlyn and nicole this weekend, but i
dont think ill be able to make it, i have no money...none at all.
and its making me upset. Ive started skipping school, and ive almost become addicted
to it, i dont feel like a strong person anymore... anything i say to my brothers goes right
over their heads...
i dont even know how to talk to them anymore, because it just frustrates me..

i need your prayer, guys
please give me patience and wisdom, God...

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